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Higher IdeasNow in its 17th year, Higher Ideas is the comprehensive resource for exploring higher education options.

One subscription covers your whole site.

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  • What higher education courses connect with my interests and school subject choices?
  • What do those courses cover?
  • What are my options?
  • Where can I study?
  • What qualifications might I need?
  • How can I find out more?

Higher Ideas answers all these questions and many, many more.


Higher Ideas is available as a site licence which covers every student and staff member at your site for just £175 + VAT per annum. If you're an adviser, and would like to take Higher Ideas wherever you go, then a personal licence is also available.

New for 2014-15

  • Higher Ideas has been updated with courses for 2015 entry.
  • Information has been revised and updated for 2014-15.
  • Now includes link to institution's course information from most courses.
  • New factsheets added including information about Oxbridge and studying abroad.

Higher Ideas internet login

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Why is Higher Ideas different?

Search for courses by topic, not just by name. Only Higher Ideas groups courses by topic rather than by name. So you can search for courses by what they’re about, not just what they’re called.

Search for courses by where they’re done, not by who offers the degree. Sounds easy doesn't it? Find me all the courses done at a location. Only Higher Ideas organises courses by where they’re done, rather than by the awarding body.

Get inspired about courses related to your interests. Not sure what course you might like to do? Tell Higher Ideas about your interests, and Higher Ideas will make lots of targeted and inspiring suggestions about areas of study.

Discover new course combinations. Two-thirds of degree courses now on offer combine two or more topics. Only Higher Ideas shows you what other topics can be studied in combination with your chosen topic.

Want to find out more about what Higher Ideas can do for you? Then view the online demo of Higher Ideas.

How Higher Ideas helps students find out, evaluate, and choose

Higher Ideas will help you to:

  • Find courses appropriate to your interests, career ambitions, and current studies.
  • Evaluate and compare various learning paths by using the expertly researched study areas.
  • Search for universities and colleges by study topic.
  • Refine your searches by UK region.
  • Make enquiries by writing letters and emails from within the program.

Higher Ideas links in with Careersoft’s Job Explorer Database (Jed) where installed and licensed.


View the online demo of Higher Ideas.

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