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Job Explorer DatabaseCareersoft’s Job Explorer Database (Jed) makes careers information understandable, interesting, and engaging. It has information on 832 jobs (over 2200 career titles) presented in a clear and lively way that students of all abilities can understand.

Careers education and guidance is interesting when it taps into the user's natural sense of curiosity. Jed has a 'get clicking' attitude with lots of pathways through the program, including over 300 high quality video case studies, pictures, quizzes, 'top tens', career facts of the day, and text. Jed's quizzes take minutes to do, not hours, so that users can get on with exploring careers and thinking about what will and won't suit them.


Jed is available as a site licence which covers every student and staff member at your site for just £235 + VAT per annum. If you're an adviser, and would like to take Jed wherever you go, then a personal licence is also available.

Jed internet login

Jed subscribers can use Jed from the internet:

Features and benefits

Find out more about the benefits of using Jed in your organisation.

Jed, the movie

See Jed in action with our short Jed help videos showing what Jed can do.

One subscription, two products, and for every computer on your site

Your licence gives you access to Jed, suitable for Key Stage 4 to adult. It also includes First Jed, which is designed to appeal to younger users. First Jed is also suitable for use with some special needs groups, and has been used successfully in a primary school setting.

Site licence or Personal licence

There are two ways to license Jed:

Site licence

For all users at a named site. One licence covers every computer on your site, for use by all students and staff. Install, or use on the internet.

Personal licence

For one named adviser. Your own single-user licence which you can use wherever you are. Ideal for careers professionals offering one-to-one guidance with clients in multiple locations. Requires internet access.

Try Jed for free

If you're not a subscriber yet you can still use Jed internet, but follow the link for demo mode for restricted access to Jed.

Or better still, contact us today and ask for a one-month free evaluation licence to access the full product on DVD or on the internet. Try it with your target user group and see how they benefit from using Jed.

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