Here at Careersoft we're continually developing new ideas as well as updating and enhancing our existing product range. So from time to time we have vacancies for talented and experienced people to work with our enthusiastic and professional team of people making careers education and guidance software.

We have no vacancies at the moment, but when we do we will post details of them here. If you want, you could use a free page-watching service like to be notified of any changes to this opportunities page.

Equal opportunities

We don't discriminate on age, gender, religion, sexual orientation, skin colour, eye colour, hair colour (natural or dyed), favourite football team, shoe size, or anything else that doesn't affect your work. Much of the work we offer can be done on a remote employment basis, in which case where you live and choose to work doesn't come into it either. And we offer flexible working patterns to fit in with the other things that people do with their lives besides paid work.

We do discriminate heavily in favour of people who are clever, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, excellent communicators, good to work with, and get things done.

Last updated 24 April, 2015