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We don't like to blow our own trumpet (OK, we do, a bit), but here are some things that people have been kind enough to tell us about our products.

Higher Ideas is just a brilliant resource and easy to use. As well as our sixth formers, we use it with our Year 9s choosing GCSEs, and it is perfect for helping our Year 11s choosing Level 3 courses and planning ahead. We couldn't manage without Higher Ideas so a big Thank you to Careersoft for getting it right!

HH, Careers Coordinator, Wiltshire

This is just to let you know that we use both Jed and Higher Ideas at St James's and find them both to be extremely useful, especially as a base upon which to start researching future careers. We would recommend these programmes to any other schools and have done so in the past.

JW, Teacher, Lancashire

We have a subscription [to Jed] and have been using it with our Year 8 students who are due to make their option choices shortly. I am particularly impressed (as are the majority of our students) with the big quiz, graph and suggestions of types of jobs that may suit them as well as the individual information on the jobs.

KB, Assistant Vice Principal: Values, Northamptonshire

We are a Key Stage 4 Pupil Referral Unit in Taunton, Somerset and I have used Jed with every one of my students this year – these are very "hard to reach" young people and the programme has been very well received by them. It is really easy to navigate, the language is great and I believe it has been a great tool in helping me motivate them to work towards and raise their aspirations. The programme has been very well received by our students and has been a very valuable tool for career exploration.

MW Connexions Personal Advisor, Somerset

Jed and Higher Ideas are fantastic interactive resources which are relevant, easy to use and provide current information. Students of all levels and abilities quickly engage with the programmes as they are visual, fun to use and students never get bored. It provides clear information, advice and education - a must have for any careers department!!

DE, Careers Teacher, Sheffield.

Here at our Academy we use Jed throughout the whole school. Students are introduced to our Career Resources during years 8 and 9 and Jed features heavily in helping students with Option Choices and ideas of progression routes. In year 10 and 11 Jed is used to highlight certain areas of interest and occupational groups. Students of all abilities find Jed user friendly and the information is clear and relevant. Links to other areas are easy to follow and during our Career lunchtime sessions and drop-ins Jed is always made available and regularly used.

JO, Careers and Off-site Learning Co-ordinator, West Yorkshire.

The Jed programme is working really well and the young people that use it really enjoy how simple it is to use. It's good we can either have it on a resource computer or download to a laptop to use in segregation or on the wings as an alternative to Young People not in Education for one reason or another. The Engagement and Resettlement Team really enjoy using the career tool as an extended resource for career development.

EN Engagement & Resettlement Manager, Young Offenders Institute, Staffordshire.

I use the 'Big Quiz' lesson on Jed for students in Year 9 to help them start their Option Choice Process. Jed is so simple and easy to use, the students very quickly find their way around the site and I love the buzz and excitement the list of suggested jobs creates for them during the lesson. It is a perfect start for further careers research. Jed is brilliant for Year 10 students who are starting to think about their A Level options, the subject search is really useful as well as all the extra information and links that Jed provides. I highly recommend Jed.

DM, Head of Careers, Essex

Higher Ideas continues to be my 'go to' product as a Careers Co-ordinator. Our Year 9 students use it to look ahead with their GCSE choices, our Year 11 students find it particularly helpful in choosing a combination of A level subjects and our Year 12/13 students find it an invaluable and user friendly resource for their Higher Education research. Top marks to Careersoft for a brilliant product and great value for money!

HH, Careers Coordinator, Wiltshire.

I've used Jed for many years. It's clear, simple to use and adaptable for the varying needs of my learners. Also there is always a human on the end of the phone to answer queries

GC, Deputy Headteacher, Worcestershire

Higher Ideas offers students a complete package when they are considering their career path to higher education. It is very user-friendly and visually stimulating. Students find the process of identifying their career choice and the steps they need to take logical and simple. It provides information on what subjects are best to take post 16 to lead to the university course of their choice. It also uses easy steps to inform them of where they can access courses in future and links them to universities they may be interested in. Altogether Higher Ideas is a superb, logical package which has proved to be a great tool in our careers education programme.

TS, Head of Careers, Berkshire

I've used lots of different careers resources, and Jed is the only one where when the bell rings at the end of the lesson, the students say 'awwww' because they wanted more.

JB, Careers Adviser, West Midlands

One of my key objectives when I work with clients is to try to enthuse them and get them doing some research themselves. The Jed programme is ideal for this. It enables me to get the client to focus on the issues facing them and get them moving in the right direction.

JM, Personal Development Adviser, Wiltshire

We found the video-clips such as the female Gas Service Engineer very useful in countering job stereo-types and demonstrating to the children that they can aspire to do any job.

NT, Career Guidance Practitioner, Cheshire

Higher Ideas is a very useful and easily accessible one-stop research program, enabling students to find important information, conduct their own research and generate ideas.

PB, Careers Coordinator, West Sussex

I think Higher Ideas is absolutely marvellous, wish I’d had access to it when I first started my present role...it makes the process of choices and decisions so much easier and clearer with everything so easy to check out.

MH, Learning Mentor, Essex

I really like Higher Ideas as it helps with scoping out and broadening students’ ideas. The description of the degree content is very useful and the students and I love it because it is so easy to use.

GH, Pathways Advisor, Buckinghamshire

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Last updated 28 November, 2017