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Jed, Gatsby, and Labour Market Information

How Careersoft's Job Explorer Database (Jed) supports you in achieving the eight Gatsby benchmarks, including where to find LMI information in Jed.

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Jed — what's new for 2018-19

We have updated Jed to the 2018-19 edition, bringing you new jobs, videos, pictures and factsheets.

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Higher Ideas — HE update 2018

What's been happening in the world of Higher Education?

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Careersoft briefing: the rise in unconditional offers from universities

Recently there has been a big upward trend in the number of unconditional offers made to university applicants. Here are some observations from Careersoft's Higher Ideas team as to what it means for the advice we should be giving to students.

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Jed — what's new for 2018

We have updated Jed to the 2018 edition, bringing you new features and benefits including: lots more information and links for FE courses; new jobs, videos, and pictures; and a new font for First Jed...

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