Brexit update — February 2020

TrianglesWe're always working on our products to keep them up to date. Sometimes a number of changes come all at once, as was the case on 31 January 2020 when the UK left the European Union. We have updated our products to reflect this.

The UK is now in a transition period, which runs until the end of 2020. During this period, most rules are unchanged and things continue to operate as they were when the UK was in the EU. But from the start of next year, whatever is agreed this year between UK and EU negotiators will start to take effect. As new rules and ways of working are agreed upon, we will update the relevant factsheets.


In time, Brexit will affect all jobs in one way or another, and to a greater or lesser extent. It will affect jobs like Border Force Officer, where it seems likely that there will be more work for them to do next year. And is currently affecting various Civil Service jobs, as there is a continuing recruitment drive and redeployment of staff to deal with Brexit-related work. We have updated the LMI for relevant jobs, and updated the glossary details relevant to Brexit.

Higher Ideas

For now, we have updated these factsheets to remind students that things may well be different for study in the EU from 2021 onwards:

  • Paying for your degree course/Tuition fees
  • Where to study for your degree/Study abroad
  • Where to study for your degree/Studying at a European university
  • Where to study for your degree/The Erasmus+ programme

Businessmaker+ triangles

For this update we have updated the main Brexit article in businessmaker+. We've also updated various business knowledge articles, such as those covering importing, exporting, and employing people, with notes about what these changes mean to business.

We have also updated various business opportunity and business knowledge articles for new rules coming in April 2020. For example, there will be a ban on certain single-use plastics such as drinking straws, stirrers and cotton buds. This will affect businesses such as cafes and takeaways. There are also a number of new employment rules and regulations. These include a requirement for workers to be given a written statement of employment on the first day they start work, and new rules giving agency workers many of the same rights as staff after a qualifying period. These changes and more are all included in the latest businessmaker+ update.


Last updated 10 February, 2020