Easter update — April 2020

All products have been updated with the latest information.


More information about the new T-levels. Training information has been updated to include T-levels for those careers where T-levels may be useful. This currently includes those T-levels which are due to start teaching in September 2020. The next update will include T-levels starting teaching from September 2021.

Factsheets have been updated with the new National Minimum Wage, and updates to tuition fees.


Higher Ideas

Higher Ideas has been updated with the latest course information. The tuition fees factsheet has been updated with the latest fees.


Businessmaker+ triangles

All rates have been checked and updated following the March Budget. Including PAYE and NI thresholds, National Minimum Wage, and increase in working from home allowance.

We've added a new business knowledge article on Coronavirus. The current pandemic is causing many challenges and opportunities to business. The article covers what Coronavirus (COVID-19) is, how it affects business, what help is available, and how businesses are adapting to survive in the current situation.



Last updated 23 April, 2020