January 2021 - Teaching Jed virtually

Job Explorer DatabaseLast term a Jed user got in touch to see if we had any resources for delivering Jed virtually. We didn't, so we asked other Jed users if they could help. We had a wonderful response. As we've just gone into another national lockdown and learning has gone online once more, now seems like a good time to share these insights.

Careersoft would especially like to thank Frankie Clark from Plashet School, Rachel Leach from Mary Hare School, Bridget May from John Grant School, Anne Jukes from St Bede's Catholic School & Sixth Form College, Donna Mason from Roding Valley High School, & Frances Martin-Higgins from St Colm's High School for sharing their insights, ideas and resources. And many thanks to everyone else who replied offering words of support.

Make sure your students know how to access Jed from home

Sign in with your access codeThis could be by clicking the link in your virtual classroom, intranet or VLE or by giving students the Access code and instructions on how to use it. This will vary from school to school.

If you would like to have a chat about which would be best for your school, please give Careersoft a ring.

Be familiar with the technologies used in your school for delivering sessions remotely

I would advise that it's not how to use Jed virtually that is the issue, but how to use the school's virtual learning platforms

Your school may use a mixture of platforms and technologies for delivering sessions, including your VLE, Microsoft Teams, Google Classroom, or Zoom. It may also use various technologies for creating resources. It's worth being familiar with these, and having a few practice sessions. You could upskill in areas such as:

  • making screen recordings of online or onscreen presentations
  • incorporating voice into presentations
  • incorporating links to websites
  • creating resources online such as interactive forms

If you feel confident in the technologies, then it will be easier to concentrate on the teaching. There are lots of good tutorials on YouTube.

You could use the introduction to Jed video

Start with the introductory help video and then go through the worksheets, which could be adapted for an online environment.

Go through all the information on one job, then let the students explore

Choose one job and go through all the tabs, discussing why it's relevant. Make sure to look at the videos and Job adverts and follow the links within Getting the edge and Find out more. Then ask the students to choose a job of their choice to explore.

Career of the month poster - SolicitorMake it fun by having a career of the week or month

Donna Mason at Roding Valley High School does a regular 'career of the month' competition. This uses Jed video hyperlinks for staff to click on and then answer some questions together with students. This is run as a class competition and winners have received sweets or house points!

For younger students the subject search is a good starting point

Young people can struggle to see the link between school subjects and careers. Discuss why the subject is useful to a particular job, and what parts of the curriculum link directly to that job.

Resources don't have to be fancy to promote good learning and exploration

Even a simple worksheet can point students in the right direction.

Do the Jed quiz and then discuss the results

One of our correspondents said:

"I used Jed over lockdown with my Year 10 pupils. They were asked to do the 'suits you quiz' and then I discussed the suggestions individually on teams. They then were asked to choose one of the suggested jobs to write a profile on, they had to find the important information on the job (responsibilities involved, skills needed, qualifications needed, pay etc.) and present it as if they were explaining it to a year 7 pupil with some appropriate images. So, a bit like a poster."

Have some sort of deliverable

For example:

  • Fill in worksheet
  • Write a job profile for a job not in Jed
  • Generate a list of jobs to explore
  • Design a poster
  • Write a job advert
  • List the key skills shown in a video

Theme lessons around the Gatsby benchmarks

Use the Gatsby guide to theme each lesson and set some work linked to the different aspects.

Use a Powerpoint to introduce Jed

A couple of our Jed users have shared their Powerpoints and worksheets, which you are welcome to download and adapt for your school.

Frankie Clark from Plashet School has shared her Powerpoint and worksheet. They delivered this remotely to 300 students during the first lockdown!

Donna Mason at Roding Valley High School has shared her Powerpoint introducing students to the Big Quiz.

I hope that you find these insights from other Jed users useful. If you have anything you'd like to contribute, please let me know.

Stay safe and sane everybody.

Liz Smith, MD.


Last updated 16 February, 2021