Jed — what’s new for 2019-20

Job Explorer DatabaseThe 2019-20 edition of Jed has been released. Here are some of the highlights:

Improvements to how Jed does videos

We've changed the way that the videos work. Jed videos now work without any plugins or "Click to enable..." messages. They work on all browsers that come with recent versions of Windows, Chromebook, and Apple (including iPad).

The videos now are a bit bigger too (higher resolution), for more detail at all screen sizes, including projectors and big screens.

New jobs, videos, and pictures

New jobs this year include:

  • Drone pilot
  • Learning officer
  • Sports journalist

See Jed for details. In addition to the above and other new jobs, we've been hard at work continually revising and updating the information in Jed. That includes details on job activities, salaries, training requirements, and employment opportunities and trends. Plus we have new video and picture sets, including classical musician and geomatic surveyor.

New factsheets

We've added new factsheets for this year, taking the total number of factsheets to 50. The factsheets in Jed cover all sorts of topics in education, training, and employment, ranging from school option choices and getting a job, to degrees and apprenticeships.

The new factsheets are:

  • T-levels. These are a new qualification with a vocational emphasis, intended to complement A-levels. They have been developed in partnership with employers to give students the knowledge and practical skills that will help them get work. They are intended primarily for people aged 16-19, and will start to be available in England from September 2020.
  • Scottish Highers and Advanced Highers. Qualification routes for most students in Scotland are different to those in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. The Jed factsheet explains how these work.
  • Further education. Lots of the factsheets in Jed touch on further education. We've now added a factsheet all about further education to gather a lot of this information in one place. The factsheet helps explain how further education is relevant to the user and their choices. Topics covered include where FE is available, how it's different to HE, the FE qualifications you can do, and options after FE.

All the factsheets have been revised with the latest information.

We trust that your students and clients will continue to make good use of Jed and find it helpful in making smart choices in training and employment. The changes in Jed for the new 2019-20 edition will help further in that.

As ever, we welcome all comments, criticisms, and suggestions, and we love to hear stories of how you are making use of Jed.

Last updated 9 September, 2019