Jed, Gatsby, and Labour Market Information

As careers practitioners, you'll know about the Gatsby benchmarks and will be using them in your programme of CEIAG. To help with this, we have produced a chart showing how Careersoft’s Job Explorer Database (Jed) supports you in achieving the eight Gatsby benchmarks, with some tips as to how to do that best. You can find it at

The second of the benchmarks is about learning from career and labour market information. We often get questions from careers practitioners about this. Finding relevant and accessible LMI that is accurate and up to date can be hard. You’ll be pleased to know that Jed’s comprehensive careers information includes lots of LMI, continually gathered, checked, and updated by our researchers.

What is Labour Market Information and how does it help?

The labour market is a collective term for the interaction of work providers and places, and the people who do that work. Labour Market Information (or some people call it Labour Market Intelligence) describes that interaction. It includes information about the numbers involved, and descriptions of the characteristics of various items — quantitative and qualitative data.

LMI helps people to understand the labour market, anticipate future changes, and to make smart choices in training and employment that can lead to rewarding careers. Good LMI is essential to a good programme of CEIAG.

Labour Market Information in Jed

LMI is featured throughout Jed, including in these places:

  • The Pay tab for each job record in Jed, within the Pay & progress section. Jed shows typical pay levels in this job, with a band showing the spread of salaries for this type of employment, and bars showing how salaries change with experience. The information comes from Careersoft’s research with employers, recruiters, sector skills councils, professional bodies, and people working in this career area.
  • The Transferable skills tab and the Progressions tab for each job type, within the Pay & progress section. All jobs equip people with transferable skills, and the nature of the labour market determines where those skills can take you. The Progressions tab shows this.
  • The Trends tab, within the Pay & progress section. Predicting the future is an inexact science, but nonetheless those who are expert in their field can see the direction in which many factors relating to the labour market for particular careers are heading. The Trends tab shows the insight gathered by our researchers in this area.
  • The Where tab and the Who tab, within the Details section, for each job type, showing information about where this job is done, the types of workplaces you can expect to be working in, and the other job types you are likely to come across in that workplace.

Jed also has factsheets on lots of topics. Many of these have information about LMI, including:

  • Choices at 14+, 16+, 18+
  • How to choose
  • Transferable skills
  • Apprenticeships

So whether you’re a senior careers professional or just starting out in the role, you’ll find plenty in Jed to help deliver a great programme of CEIAG. That includes useful and accessible LMI to help your clients plot a course into a rewarding career, and lots more. See for more about how Jed can help you excel in attaining the Gatsby benchmarks.

Last updated 31 January, 2019