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Apprenticeships report and Careersoft factsheets - November 2016

Here at Careersoft we keep up with lots of reports and papers about careers education, information, advice, and guidance. This helps us stay current with what is happening in the world of CEIAG, so that we can deliver useful and accurate careers-related information for you and your clients.

Recently we have been working our way through the report from the Policy Exchange on the UK's apprenticeships programme. The report is called “The Skills We Need, And Why We Don’t Have Them”. It was published on 11 November and is available on the Policy Exchange website

You may have seen reports of it in the press, including the headline-grabbing statement that without reform, by 2020 £500m or more of public money could be spent each year on 'apprenticeships' that are not worthy of the name.

ApprenticeshipsIt is a lengthy report, and interesting reading for anyone involved in CEIAG. The report's authors have experience up to government level in education policy, including apprenticeships. They set out their case clearly, including appropriate citations. The report includes a useful summary of the current apprenticeships programme, how we got here, and the Government's intentions for where it goes from here.
The conclusion of the report is that:

“...some of the new Apprenticeship standards are superbly designed, with high level employer engagement, and provide access to labour market and wage progression for the individuals who take them up. However, while well intentioned, their real world roll out has demonstrated a number of weaknesses in the Apprenticeship reforms and the wider strategy that threaten to (and, in some cases, have already begun to) undermine the very important and laudable principles at the heart of it.”

The report's authors estimate that 30-40% of new approved Apprenticeship standards for England and Wales don't meet the internationally-recognised benchmark for apprenticeships described in 2012 by the International Labour Office for the G20 Task Force on Employment. Others may well take issue with the report's findings and conclusions. For us in CEIAG, a key implication of this report is that good guidance is very important for young people in choosing between superb apprenticeships and those which are not up to the mark.

trianglesJed and Higher Ideas from Careersoft have factsheets about lots of careers-related topics, including one about apprenticeships. The factsheet sets out what apprenticeships are and who they are open to, and includes help for students in the task of evaluating apprenticeships and choosing wisely. We've written the factsheets to be useful to advisers too.

To get to the factsheets in Jed, click on the 'factsheets' link in the middle of the main menu. In Higher Ideas it is over to the right of the main menu. For the apprenticeships factsheet, look under the 'Choices at 16+' section.

Last updated 12 March, 2017