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Autumn 2012

Imagination, ambition, motivation, and careers education

It’s not everyone’s idea of fun. Sealed into something the size of a transit van, balanced on top of several hundred tonnes of burning kerosene, and hurled skywards at 17,000 miles per hour. But from the anonymised usage data collected by Careersoft, we can see that astronaut is a career option that lots of JED users want to know more about.

Space stationIn over 50 years of human spaceflight, fewer than 550 people have ‘slipped the surly bonds of earth’ and headed into outer space. So should JED, the Job Explorer Database, include information about a career that is pie-beyond-the-sky for all but the smallest number of people? Or omit a job that continues to fire the imagination of inquisitive and ambitious young minds?

If careers education were about sensible jobs to do, the decision would be easy: you’re not going to be an astronaut, have you thought about being a bus driver? But careers education is about catching the imagination, not stamping on dreams. Imagination leads to ambition, and ambition is a great motivator for education and training, leading to all sorts of careers. Even if the end point isn’t what you imagined when starting out, ambition can get you to places you would not have reached otherwise.

JED aims to be ‘distilled essence of careers adviser’ – the best careers information from a team of careers experts, made accessible to anyone anywhere. So a guiding principle for the team is, “What would you, as a careers professional, say to a young person asking about this?”

So it is that astronaut is amongst the jobs added to JED this year, complete with some great pictures. Details include a description of the job, training and opportunities, rates of pay, and all the other carefully researched topics that you would find in any of the other 814 jobs in JED. Plus a reminder to have a Plan B, just in case the astronaut dream doesn’t work out.

JED and Higher Ideas 2012/13 editions

Job Explorer DatabaseThe 2012/13 edition of the Job Explorer Database has new jobs, videos, and pictures, and a revised ‘Jed Record’ feature to give an all-in-one summary of the student’s activity when using JED. Higher Ideas is updated with degree, foundation, and HND courses for the 2013 intake.

Higher IdeasJED program discs for 2012/13 are sent out to subscribers in early September, and Higher Ideas discs in early October. For users of the internet versions, these get updated for you automatically. If you’re not a subscriber yet, get in touch and we’ll be pleased to send you a free trial.

UK university applications and the ‘Brian Cox effect’

In the year that university tuition fees have increased to £9,000 per year for most degree courses, UK applicants are down by 8.9%. But behind the headlines are some interesting variations.

Subjects with the steepest decline in applications include design studies, social work, drama, English, art, hospitality and leisure. Medicine, law, and accounting are holding steady.

Applications for physics and astronomy are up, perhaps due to the ‘Brian Cox effect.’ Also up are chemical engineering and biochemistry.

The biggest climber is degree-level nursing: up 25%, with an extra 49,000 applications this year. Nursing remains free of tuition fees for UK students; their fees are paid by the NHS.

Higher IdeasHigher tuition fees give students even more reason to be careful in their higher education choices. Higher Ideas from Careersoft supports them with expert notes, study suggestions, course information, A-level requirements, and career options.

Last updated 24 April, 2015