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Autumn 2013

Signpost illustrating RPA choicesNew year, new policy changes

So here we are again at the start of a new school year and it’s a familiar story. More policy changes that impact on careers provision. This time there are two main ones. Firstly, there’s Raising the Participation Age (RPA) which has moved further on in its phasing-in process. Those young people who are just starting in year 11 can now expect to stay in education or training until at least their 18th birthday. Many will stay at school or college but there are other routes, too. They could, for example, do an apprenticeship or some other form of part-time training in combination with paid or voluntary work.

The other change is that schools now have a duty to provide independent careers advice across a wider age range. Whereas previously it covered years 9-11, the duty now applies to years 8-13. This ties in with RPA. One of the keys to helping potentially disaffected pupils benefit from the longer period of education or training is for them to understand their available options. Teaching young people about these from year 8 onwards helps them to begin thinking about decisions they will need to make later.

JED and Higher IdeasWith predictions that there will be fewer opportunities for unskilled workers it’s ever more important that young people get qualifications and skills. Good careers education and guidance can raise aspirations, highlight the benefits of qualifications, provide signposts to accurate information, and aid decision-making. JED and Higher Ideas can help here with clear, up-to-date details on a huge range of careers and courses. Then there’s the JED treasure hunt. If you haven’t already done so, try it and see for yourself how it can help you introduce themes about the ever-changing, ever-challenging, fascinating world of work.

Decisions, decisions, and factsheets...

No sooner has the new term started than year 13 students have to make those all-important higher education choices. This was never simple but it gets ever more complicated as universities bring in new options and compete for students. There are now innovative two-year condensed courses and others that offer options for masters qualifications and work experience. There’s plenty to think about. Students need to do thorough research to help them make wise consumer decisions.

Student thinking about HE choicesOnce these choices are made, the year carries on with personal statements... student finance... university open days... and ultimately results and clearing. In the meantime year 11 students are making their choices.

Higher Ideas has a series of factsheets that can help with all these important decisions. Have a look in the Help section and let us know what you and your students think.

JED and Higher Ideas 2013/14 editions

Job Explorer DatabaseThe 2013/14 edition of the Job Explorer Database has new jobs, videos and pictures. Higher Ideas is updated with degree, foundation, and HND courses for the 2014 intake.

Higher IdeasJED program discs for 2013/14 are sent out to subscribers in early September, and Higher Ideas discs in early October. If you use JED and/or Higher Ideas from the internet these get updated automatically.
If you’re not a subscriber yet, get in touch and we’ll be pleased to send you a free trial.

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