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Jed — what’s new for 2018-19

JedThe 2018-19 edition of Jed has been released. Here are some of the highlights:

New jobs, videos, and pictures

New jobs this year include:

  • Nursing associate. This is a new role within the NHS, positioned between healthcare assistants and registered nurses. Training is taking place now, and the first nursing associates will enter the workforce in January 2019.
  • Care home activities coordinator. With an ageing population there is an increasing need of care for older people. Care home activities coordinators help people in a care setting stay active and mentally alert.
  • Environmental engineer. The application of engineering to protect the environment. An important and growing area, including work in conservation, regulation, and renewables.

In addition to the above and other new jobs, we've been hard at work continually revising and updating the information in Jed. That includes details on job activities, salaries, training requirements, and employment opportunities and trends. Plus we have new video and picture sets, including care assistant and pet behaviour counsellor.

New factsheets

We've added two new factsheets for this year, taking the total number of factsheets to 46. The factsheets in Jed cover all sorts of topics in education, training, and employment, ranging from school option choices and getting a job, to degrees and apprenticeships.

The two new factsheets are:

  • Social media. The internet is useful for research and job hunting, but also has its dangers and pitfalls. Our new factsheet explains how students can use social media to their benefit. And also, how social media could work against them.
  • Criminal record checks. There are many jobs for which you might need a criminal record check, but why are they needed, and what do they show? It's a complicated area, so we've given it its own factsheet.

All the other factsheets have been revised, including a major revision to the GCSE factsheet to include a comparison of the different number and letter grades now in use throughout the UK.

We trust that your students and clients will continue to make good use of Jed and find it helpful in making smart choices in training and employment. The changes in Jed for the new 2018-19 edition will help further in that.

As ever, we welcome all comments, criticisms, and suggestions, and we love to hear stories of how you are making use of Jed.

Last updated 11 September, 2018