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Jed — what’s new for 2018

JedThe 2018 edition of Jed has been released. Here are some of the highlights:

Lots more information and links for FE courses

  • Jed includes links to hundreds of courses offered by reputable training UK organisations like City & Guilds, Pearson Education, the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives, Mountain Training England, and many more. These courses are listed in Jed on the 16+ and 18+ tabs of the relevant jobs.
  • Starting with the 2018 edition of Jed, these course listings are now all hyperlinked. Clicking on the hyperlinked training course name takes you to Jed page with information and links about that course. This page shows you how long that course has been running and who develops that course. It includes a link to the website of the organisation that develops the course, so that you can find out more. For over 70% of courses there is a direct link to the course specification too.
  • This information about relevant FE courses is a big help for students to find out more about suitable training. Now with links to the organisations and course details, the FE data in Jed is better than ever.

New jobs, videos, and pictures

New jobs this year include:

  • Cyber security specialist. This is a growth area in the UK, identified by the government as a priority area of national significance.
  • Physician associate. These are medical specialists who work as part of a team with doctors and other health workers. Most are based within a GP clinic or a hospital. This is a growth area in the UK, with an expected 900 new graduates entering this occupation annually from 2019 onwards.
  • UX designer. Web and app design continues to be a strong growth area, with new specialisms. UX designers are responsible for the User eXperience, looking at things like appearance and functionality of websites and apps. It's a fast-changing area with lots of new opportunities.

New video and picture sets include postal worker, and osteopath. In addition to the above and other new jobs, we've been hard at work continually revising and updating the information in Jed. That includes details on job activities, salaries, training requirements, and employment opportunities and trends. We've also revised and updated the factsheets, covering all sorts of topics from GCSE choices and workplace experience, to degrees and apprenticeships.

New font for First Jed

First Jed is a simplified version of Jed. It is popular with younger users and some special needs. Up to now the default font for First Jed has been Comic Sans. It is clear and the letters look like the way that young people are taught to write them. But with some recent updates to the Windows 10 operating system, Comic Sans looks jagged on many computers.

There are some great new fonts to choose from, so we've changed to using 'Muli' as the default font for First Jed. This too is a clear font with the letters formed in the way that students are taught to write them. And it comes up looking crisp and clear on all browsers and operating systems. So we've switched to Muli as the default font for First Jed.

If you're really sad to see Comic Sans go, there is still an option in the tutor settings in Jed to bring Comic Sans back. Contact us if you've got any questions.

We trust that your students and clients will continue to make good use of Jed and find it helpful in making smart choices in training and employment. The changes in Jed for the new 2018 edition will help further in that.

As ever, we welcome all comments, criticisms, and suggestions, and we love to hear stories of how people are making use of Jed.

Last updated 7 December, 2017