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New in Jed for 2014-15

Careersoft are pleased to bring you the following new and improved features in Jed, the Job Explorer Database, for the 2014-15 edition.

Training and choices information is now organised around key decision points

The tabs in the training section

Jed’s training information for each job is now split into three tabs to give job-specific support in each of three key decision areas.

The 14+ tab gives decision support for suitable GCSE choices at school. The 16+ tab helps students select the relevant A-levels, BTECs, and apprenticeships. And the 18+ tab offers information and guidance about post-school apprenticeships, on-the-job training, degrees, and accreditation.

More factsheets

On careers topics including subject choices, work experience, apprenticeships, CVs, and covering letters. From the bottom of any page in Jed, click on the help link and look for the factsheets section.

Using Jed from home is even easier

Use Jed from home using an Access Code

To use Jed from home, students go to, follow the sign-in link, and enter their establishment’s Access Code. That’s it.

Your Access Code contains valuable licensing information from the Jed licence paid for by your establishment; please ensure that your students and staff know it, and other people don’t.

23 new job videos, and over 200 new job pictures

That takes Jed to over 300 job videos and over 3,200 job pictures. They all show real people doing real jobs, not just talking about them. Amongst this year’s new job videos are ecologist, materials scientist, police community support officer, and motorcycle mechanic.

New videos in Jed 2014-15

Lots of our best ideas are prompted by user feedback. Let us know how we can keep improving Jed so that we continue to provide the best in independent impartial careers information for your students.

Last updated 10 November, 2015