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Summer 2012

Independent and impartial

“Section 29 of the Education Act 2011 places schools under a duty to secure access to independent careers guidance for their pupils in school years 9-11.” With those words, the Department for Education opened its brief document entitled, “Statutory Guidance for Schools – Careers Guidance,” revised to 10 April 2012.

Unsurprisingly, as an independent provider of careers information, this is something that we at Careersoft welcome. And we know that our customers have recognised the value of independent careers information for many years too.

All information – free or not – is paid for by someone somewhere, either in time or more usually money. And as ever, those who pay the piper call the tune. So glossy websites paid for by the banks tell you how lovely banking is, the Department for Education’s site promotes teaching as a rewarding and challenging career, and Tesco’s recruitment site talks of how customer services agents enjoy great work colleagues and a fantastic working environment.

All true of course, but omitting some important information. Many people working in banking fear for their jobs – 1 in 20 lost theirs last year. Standing in front of a class and teaching is a great job for the right kind of person, but the level of paperwork is driving some out of the profession. And if you are thinking of a customer services job, you’d better be the sort of person who can cope with angry callers day after day – some customers can be really rude!

Using JED on a tabletThe information in Careersoft’s Job Explorer Database (JED) is as straightforward about the negatives of a job as it is about the positives. That’s important in our mission to provide impartial careers information. Our team of researchers, all qualified to at least QCG (the industry-recognised Qualification in Careers Guidance), makes sure of it. And with a subscription to JED, you can ensure that the collected careers knowledge and wisdom of a team of independent and impartial careers experts is available to your students every day.

Careersoft’s new Personal Licence

Careersoft’s products are offered with a Site Licence that covers all students and staff at your site, for every computer that you have. With yearly site licence fees of just £195 for JED and £155 for Higher Ideas, that’s great value – less than 20p per student for the average secondary school.

But we realise that not all careers advisers fit into that way of working. Some advisers move from place to place and work with clients in all sorts of different settings. That can include community centres, drop-ins, youth clubs, and people’s homes. So we have introduced a new type of licence: the ‘Personal Licence’. We now offer:

  • Site Licence, for all people at one named site
  • Personal Licence, for one named person at any site

Using a personal licenceThe price is the same for both. We hope that the new Personal Licence will mean that JED and Higher Ideas get to even more people in even more places. And if those places that you visit with your Personal Licence really like JED or Higher Ideas, we’ll be pleased to sell them a site licence so that they can continue to use the product even when you’re not there.

Orthotist, or orthoptist?

Psychologist, or psychiatrist? Economist, or ergonomist? Even seasoned careers professionals sometimes need to pause for a moment or two to distinguish between jobs that sound similar but in fact are very different.

JED logoCareersoft’s Job Explorer Database (JED) lists many of the different names that jobs can be known by. Over 2200 job titles, in fact. And where two or more names are similar, JED’s “what’s the difference” panel explains more and helps students find the right job. It’s all part of our mission to make careers information more understandable.

Last updated 24 April, 2015