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Summer 2015

Signpost illustrating choicesNew statutory guidance for careers guidance and inspiration

In March the Department for Education released its statutory guidance for careers guidance and inspiration in schools. Part of the motivation for it comes from Ofsted’s 2013 analysis pointing out that 80% of schools were ineffective in ensuring that all students receive the level of information they need.

The 7000 word report is required reading for governing bodies, school leaders, and careers staff. Here are some highlights and how Careersoft’s products can help:

Students in years 8-13 must receive information on a range of education and training options. Jed provides comprehensive information on training routes into over 800 careers, and Higher Ideas does the same for over 35,000 university courses.

Schools should offer pupils the opportunity to develop entrepreneurial skills for self-employment. businessmaker+ encourages students to think about entrepreneurship and self-employment. It provides inspiration for making a job, not just looking for one.

Career choices should be the student’s own. Jed’s quizzes and the details about each job help students reach their own decisions.

Provide guidance in good time before key decision points. Jed has separate training tabs for 14+, 16+, and 18+. These support decision making at key transitions, including KS3-4 and KS4-5.

Encourage students to use websites and digital resources to support their career building. Jed has thousands of carefully-selected links to relevant websites, and hundreds of videos and thousands of pictures showing real people doing real jobs.

Avoid stereotyping. Careersoft products use gender-neutral language, and are carefully written and checked to avoid stereotyping. Many pictures and videos in Jed run counter to stereotypes, helping challenge preconceptions.

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Retro advertisingWhy subscription means independent and impartial

Estimates vary as to how many adverts we are exposed to per day. For anyone not living in a cave it is at least 300 every day. Some experts put it as high as 3000 a day. Advertising is big business and big noise.

Some careers information resources carry advertising. That could be from companies that want the brightest graduates to work for them, universities competing for teenagers' £9000 tuition fees, or recruitment agencies desperate to fill the next round of vacancies on commission. Careersoft's resources are different. They have absolutely no adverts, and no paid-for or sponsored listings.

Sites that take money for banner ads or ‘enhanced listings’ cannot claim to be impartial; they're presenting information skewed in favour of those with the biggest PR spend, and always looking to their advertisers as to what they do and how they present it.

Using Jed on a tabletProducts like Jed and Higher Ideas are a place of organised calm. Independent analysis instead of competing vested-interest voices. The team of careers experts that produces them is paid for only by the schools and colleges that benefit from their work. At Careersoft we're proud to assert that we're independent and impartial, and accountable only to the people that use our products.

Hints and tips

Using Jed on a tabletFrom a Jed user at one of the recent National Career Guidance Shows:

"We use the ‘on this day’ feature in Jed at morning registration to get the students thinking about events and careers"

Last updated 18 May, 2015