Summer update — September 2020

All products have been updated with the latest information.


Jed has been updated to the 2020-21. This year’s updates include:triangles

  • All factsheets have been reviewed and updated where necessary
  • New factsheets added on Coronavirus and Labour Market Information
  • Job records have been updated including with new T-levels and apprenticeships where appropriate
  • New qualifications and training routes have been reviewed and included where relevant
  • New video and picture set for web designer (filmed before lockdown)

We trust that your students and clients will continue to make good use of Jed and find it helpful in making smart choices in training and employment. The changes in Jed for the new 2020-21 edition will help further in that.

Higher Ideas

Higher Ideas has been updated to the 2020-21 edition with course information for 2021 entry. As well as reviewing and updating all the existing factsheets, we have added a factsheet on Coronavirus and added notes to those areas most affected, such as open days, studying abroad and placement years. We've also added some new study areas, including digital marketing and esports.

We would normally have included the latest performance indicators in this update. However there has been a delay on the release of the HESA data which we use, so we will integrate the new data once it's released.

TrianglesWith Higher Education currently in the daily news, this academic year is bringing new uncertainty for those students planning on applying to university for 2021. Many universities are moving teaching online due to the latest Covid-19 outbreaks, which opens up discussions about how courses are likely to be taught from 2021 onward.

Due to the pandemic, the Office for Students have banned unconditional offers with conditions - ie those where you have to accept the offer as your first choice in order for it to be unconditional. They have said that this is not a permanent ban.

With uncertainties still surrounding Brexit the future of the UK in the Erasmus scheme still hangs in the balance. We wait for news on whether the UK will stay in the scheme, and what will replace it if not.

We can only hope that the next few months bring some more certainty into this sector. As always we at Careersoft try to stay on top of the issues and I found the latest WonkHe article a useful run down.

We hope that you and your students will continue to make good use of Higher Ideas and find it helpful in making smart choices in the sixth-form and for Higher Education. We welcome all comments, questions, and criticisms, and love hearing your stories of how you are putting Higher Ideas to work.

Last updated 16 October, 2020