Summer update 2021


Jed has been updated to the 2021-22 edition. This year’s updates include:triangles

  • All factsheets have been reviewed and updated where necessary
  • Lots of job records have been reviewed and updated
  • Training information has been updated to include the next batch of T-levels which are being taught from September 2022, and to include any new apprenticeships
  • New qualifications and training routes have been reviewed and included where relevant

We trust that your students and clients will continue to make good use of Jed and find it helpful in making smart choices in training and employment. The changes in Jed for the new 2021-22 edition will help further in that.

Higher Ideas

Higher Ideas has now been updated to the 2021-22 edition with course information for 2022 entry.

Higher Ideas has been updated with the latest Hesa data for courses (where available) which includes: actual entry grades for courses, continuation beyond the first year of the course, employment after the course, and national student survey responses.

The factsheets have all been reviewed and updated with details and figures for 2022 entry. The section in the factsheets on applying to university has been updated to include changes to the application process, including the new UCAS Hub, and also to remove references to Adjustment as it is not going to be available from September 2022. If you have students who would have gone through Adjustment, then they will enter the Clearing system instead.

Tuition fees have been frozen again, so the max of £9,500 applies to students going to university in 2022. Maintenance loans have risen by 2.3% to account for inflation.

There has still been no announcement on the threshold for repayment of student loans from 2022. It's normally announced in August, alongside student loan interest rates. There was some talk of it being lowered (the Augur review suggested lowering to £23,000), which was met with an unsurprising outcry. We were anticipating an announcement in the budget, but that wasn't to be. So, it may well be announced in the next few weeks. Once there has been an announcement, Higher Ideas will be updated accordingly.

We have also removed the Teaching Education Framework (TEF) award information from Higher Ideas, in line with advice from The Office for Students (OfS). OfS has announced that a new scheme will be implemented from 2023, with consultations ongoing at the moment. In the meantime institutions have been advised that they should not use their TEF awards in marketing or promotional materials from September 2021 as they will become increasingly out of date.

We hope that you and your students will continue to make good use of Higher Ideas and find it helpful in making smart choices in the sixth-form and for Higher Education. We welcome all comments, questions, and criticisms, and love hearing your stories of how you are putting Higher Ideas to work.

Last updated 19 November, 2021