Try Higher Ideas for free

Try Higher Ideas for free and see how it suits your needs. Here's how:

Use from the internet, demo mode

Want to try Higher Ideas straight away? Go to the online Higher Ideas demo (opens in a new window).

In demo mode, Higher Ideas only lets you do certain searches.

You can use online Higher Ideas without installing anything.

Use from the internet, evaluation licence

If you would like to use Higher Ideas from the internet without the demo version restrictions, then contact us and ask for a short-duration evaluation licence. This will unlock all the features and allow you to evaluate the full program. Online Higher Ideas has all the features of the installed version.

Install Higher Ideas, evaluation licence

You may wish to install Higher Ideas to evaluate it, for example because you need to make sure that it will install on your particular type of network. If this is the case, please let us know and we'll happily send you the DVD. Installed Higher Ideas has all the features of the internet version.


Higher Ideas is available as a site licence which covers every student and staff member at your site for just £190 + VAT per annum. If you're an adviser, and would like to take Higher Ideas wherever you go, then a personal licence is also available.

Last updated 17 December, 2015