Job Explorer Database - Features

Standard features:

  • Information on 857 jobs (over 2500 career titles)
  • Revised and updated throughout the year
  • Accessible easy-to-read essential job information
  • Further in-depth information about each job
  • Pay graph for each job, showing how pay changes with experience
  • Qualification requirements and training pathways information for each job, organised to make it easy to find what you need at 14+, 16+ and 18+
  • Work experience information for each job
  • Labour market information for each job
  • Over 340 high quality video case studies - see people doing their jobs, not just talking about them
  • Over 3500 pictures of real people doing real jobs
  • Factsheets explaining various job explorer topics
  • Quizzes to suggest where to start looking
  • Top-tens and on-this-day – fun new ways into jobs
  • My Jed record. All-in-one page showing students' complete quiz answers, notes, and job suggestions. Save your quiz and notes to resume from later. Print out and keep as a record of your work.
  • Jed profiles. Create customised versions of Jed to use with different user groups.
  • Links to Higher Ideas (additional licence required) for suggestions on related higher education courses
  • All-in-one print page. Get all the information you want about a job in a single printout.
  • Glossary. Pop-up definitions for key words in the text.
  • Treasure Hunts. Engage your users with collaborative games.
  • Add your own web links. Include links to your Local Area Prospectus, Careers Service, or other links you choose.
  • Help videos. Short movies that show how to use Jed.
  • Text to speech. Feature reads the on-screen text out loud (internet only).
  • Use at home. Home access for students on your subscription.
  • One subscription covers your whole site (site licence only)
  • Access from anywhere (personal licence only)
  • Install it, or use your subscription from the internet.
  • First Jed. Included with Jed is First Jed.
  • Complies with W3C accessibility guidelines

    Jed complies with W3C accessibility guidelines

New for 2019-20

  • Improvements to how Jed does videos. They work, without plugins, on all browsers that come with recent versions of Windows, Chromebook, and Apple (including iPad). The videos now are a bit bigger too (higher resolution), for more detail at all screen sizes, including projectors and big screens.
  • Existing jobs reviewed and new ones added including drone pilot, sports journalist and learning officer.
  • New videos and picture sets including drone pilot and classical musician.
  • All factsheets reviewed. New factsheets added about T-levels, Scottish Highers and Advanced Highers, and Further Education.

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Last updated 9 September, 2019