Try Jed for free

Try Jed for free and see how it suits your needs. Here's how:

Use from the internet, demo mode

Want to try Jed straight away? Go to the online Jed demo (opens in a new window).

In demo mode, Jed shows only the jobs whose main name begins with A-C. Two of the videos are also available – for 2021-22 you can view zoo keeper and medical photographer.

You can use online Jed without installing anything.

Use from the internet, evaluation licence

If you would like to use Jed from the internet without the demo version restrictions, then contact us and ask for a short-duration evaluation licence. This will unlock all the features and allow you to evaluate the full program.


Jed is available as a site licence which covers every student and staff member at your site for just £254 + VAT per annum. If you're an adviser, and would like to take Jed wherever you go, then a personal licence is also available.

New for 2021-22

  • All factsheets have been reviewed and updated where necessary
  • Lots of job records have been reviewed and updated
  • Training information has been updated to include the next batch of T-levels which are being taught from September 2022, and to include any new apprenticeships
  • New qualifications and training routes have been reviewed and included where relevant

For full details of what's new, please see our newsletter.

Last updated 8 February, 2022