Careersoft Technical Support

Careersoft products are designed to be easily accessible from the internet. Jed is also available to install on your local network.

Our careful design and thorough testing aims to provide you with easy and trouble-free installation and use. But sometimes despite everyone's best efforts problems can arise.

Contacting technical support

If you have a technical query about our products or encounter a problem when using them, please check this area of the website first to see if your issue is covered here. Choose your product from the menu to the left.

If after using the resources here you find that your problem is not fixed, please contact us for help and advice. When contacting us, please help us to help you by including details of any problem you are experiencing, including:

  • Who you are
  • What product you are using
  • How to recreate the problem you are having (where to click, what to type, etc)
  • The exact message you are getting (screen-shots are always helpful).

As a subscriber to Careersoft products we want you to be assured of great software and excellent technical support.

Last updated 8 January, 2020