Using Careersoft products from the internet

Careersoft products are easy to use from the internet

Careersoft products can be used from the internet without installing anything. When you use the product from the internet, you always get taken to the latest version. Careersoft takes care of all updating of the product, and your licensed web link or access code always takes you to the latest version of the product.

Higher Ideas and businessmaker+ are available on the internet only. For Jed and First Jed, there are the following differences between the internet and installed version:

  • Text-to-speech is available on the internet version of Jed, but not in the installed version
  • The localization feature for adding your own pictures and videos to Jed is available in the installed version, but not in the internet version

There are two ways; choose what's best for your situation

There are two ways to access the product from the internet:

  1. Use your licensed web link. If you have some sort of VLE or intranet where you can put hyperlinks for use by staff and students, this is the preferred method. You create a hyperlink to the Careersoft product using your licensed web link. Then to use the product, all your users have to do is to click that link, and they are into the product licensed for your use. There are no codes for the users to remember or enter.
  2. Use an eight-character Access Code. If you choose this way of accessing your products, your users go to the Careersoft sign-in site and enter the unique eight-character Access Code for your establishment. This has the advantage that you don't have to set up a link on your systems. But it's a bit harder for the users because they have to find their way to the Careersoft sign-in site and enter the access code exactly right.

Details of each are shown below.

Using your licensed web link

To use the product from the internet in this way, you need your licensed web link. Your licensed web link has a special sequence of letters and numbers in it which identifies it as belonging to your establishment, so that your staff and students can use the products for which you are licensed.

You will have been sent your licensed web link in an email when you first subscribed. If you don't already have your licensed web link, the licence holder (Careersoft's named contact for your licence) should contact Careersoft. It's helpful if you can quote your customer reference number when contacting us (This starts with the letters ENB).

Your licensed web link can be set up as a desktop icon, a link on your intranet, a link within your VLE (virtual learning environment) or other content management system, or however you usually access links to the internet. See the information on publishing your links for more information on how to set these up.

Using your Access Code

Your Access Code is made up of eight letters and numbers and is unique to your establishment. If you don't have your Access Code yet, the licence holder (Careersoft's named contact for your licence) should contact Careersoft. Remember to quote your customer reference number from your licence details letter when contacting us.

You and your students use your Access Code like this:

  • Visit the Careersoft home page by searching for 'Careersoft' with any search engine or typing into your browser address bar.
  • Look for the 'sign in' link on the home page and click on it.
  • On the sign-in page, enter your eight-character Access Code for your establishment, and follow the instructions.

If you have any problems, then please contact us.

Important note

Please don't put your licensed web link or Access Code on your public website or publish it in any way where people other than students, clients, or staff of your establishment can see it. Your licensed web link and Access Code are private to your establishment only. If the Careersoft servers see that other places are using your link or code for free access on your licence, they will deactivate it. By using the link or code you agree to adhere to the terms of the Careersoft licence agreement.

Last updated 8 January, 2020