Using Careersoft products on a tablet

Usign Careersoft products on a tabletMany Careersoft products can be used on a tablet computer without installing anything. This applies to the following products:

  • Jed
  • Higher Ideas
  • businessmaker+
  • First Jed for Primary Schools

Most of the features within these products work on a tablet, however there are some features which are currently not available from these devices.

Using your product from a tablet

If you have a Site Licence for the product, then you can add an icon to your tablet using your licensed web link. Students can then tap this to access the product.

If you have a Personal Licence, you can simply open the browser on your tablet and access the product in the usual way.

Feature overview

We have tested our products on a range of tablets including iPad (iOS 5 and later), Nexus (Android 4.2 and later), and Linx tablet (Windows 8.1 and Windows 10). We suggest that you confirm that the product works to your satisfaction on your particular device before committing to a licence - we offer a free evaluation of our products which will enable you to do this. If you have any issues, or require any help with using Careersoft products on your tablet, please contact us.

Some Windows tablets come with a version of Windows which doesn't allow you to install programs to your tablet. Other tablets come with the full edition of Windows. If your tablet has the full edition of Windows you will be able to install Jed or Higher Ideas if you like. All Careersoft products can be used from the internet on all Windows tablets.

Last updated 31 January, 2019