Job Explorer Database (Jed)

In this section:

  • Installation guide. Full information about installing Jed in a variety of situations. This document is also available in the 'readme' file on your installation DVD. Please read this first before installing Jed.
  • Network-specific notes. Additional notes relating to installing on specific networks, including Windows Active Directory, RM Community Connect (including CC3), Citrix, Novell and NT.
  • Known issues. If you are experiencing a problem using Jed, please check here to see if your issue is one that we have covered already.
  • Using Jed from the internet. How to use Jed from the internet.
  • Using Jed from home. Ways of using Jed from home.
  • Networking troubleshooter. Helps diagnose problems if having difficulty trying to connect to the product over the network.
  • Publishing your links. How to provide a shortcut that users on your network can use to access the installed product.
  • Using on a tablet. How to use Jed on an iPad or Android tablet.

The Jed product information section has some help videos with 'how to' examples for common Jed tasks.

If your issue is not covered in the installation guide or listed as a known issue with a suitable resolution, please contact us and we will do all we can to help.

Last updated 24 April, 2015