RM Connect, including RM CC3 and CC4

The following notes have been produced in consultation with RM.

This product is designed to be deployed to clients without pushing out an RM or MSI package to all the clients. Instead you install it to the server, and then just push out the shortcut using the RM Shortcut Bank. This means there are no slow on-demand installs to the clients, and large multimedia files are kept just to the server instead of placed on all the clients. Licensing and updating are done centrally, too.

Please see the Careersoft installation notes for this product. They are available in the README file on the root of the CD, as well as in this section of the Careersoft website.

During the install, make the following choices:

  • Select the Network Mode option for 'Allow others to connect to it'
  • Choose to install it to a local drive, not a network share. The folder it goes onto does not have to be shared. You can install it to the standard user programs area if you want, but only as its true location (like C: or D:, not to its mapped alias, like G:, P: or X:. If in doubt, the default location suggested by the installer is good.

At the end of the install a box pops up with one or more suggested URL's for connecting to the product. Try these and make a note of the relevant URL's.

Now all that is needed is to create a URL shortcut and put it somewhere that all applicable client machines can see it. A good place for this would be the shortcut bank. See the notes on publishing your URL link for details and alternatives.

Last updated 24 April, 2015