Publishing your links

Having installed your product, or received your licensed web link, you now need some way of telling the clients on your network where to find it.

Here are some ways of doing this. In all cases you will need to know the link (URL) for connecting to it across your network.

If you're using the internet version of the product, you should have received the link in an email from Careersoft when you purchased the product. If you don't already have your licensed web link, the licence holder (Careersoft's named contact for your licence) should contact Careersoft.

If you're using the installed product, this was displayed during the installation process. It can also be found from the 'links' tab of the Careersoft Network Components manager in Control Panel (on XP systems you may need to click to view the 'Other Control Panel Options' section of Control Panel to see it, In Windows 7 and later search for 'Careersoft').

The following suggestions may prove useful:

Last updated 22 September, 2015