Error 424, security error, access denied error or other error when trying to run the executable (.exe) file from a mapped drive, network file share, or remote computer

Code Access Security for the .NET Framework will not allow the .exe file to run from anywhere other than the local drive on the computer to which the product was installed.

Right-click the drive to which your exe is installed, click on Properties, and then from the General tab look at the disk Type. It must be of type 'Local Drive' for it to work. Drives of type 'Network Drive' will not work. UNC file paths (beginning with '\\') will not work.

The product is made available to clients on your network over http://, not over a file share. Sharing the exe will not work. This is by design.

Full details are provided in the installation guide - README.HTM file - on the root of your installation CD. If you have autorun enabled for your CD drive, this readme file is shown when you insert the product installation CD. It is also shown when you double-click the file start.exe on the root of the installation CD.

The installation guides can also be found at in the relevant support section for your product on this website.


  • Sharing the .exe file will not work.
  • Network clients access the program over http using a url (web address for their Internet browser), not by using a file share.
  • Full details on installation and on how to make the URL available to your client computers can be found on the readme file on the CD.

Last updated 24 April, 2015