Message about no connection to the Internet when program starts


When you start to use the program, a message comes up saying:


No connection to the Internet is currently available. To view Internet content that has been saved on your computer, click Work Off-line. Click Try Again to attempt to connect.

[Work Off-line] [Try Again]


This problem occurs because Microsoft Internet Explorer is getting confused about needing to connect to the Internet to view the resource, even though the resource is local and no Internet connection is required to view it.

Microsoft Internet Explorer has a 'Work Offline' feature built into it, which caches the content of websites as you view them. When there is no Internet connection, it offers to use the cached pages ('Work Off-line') instead of fetching the pages.

The 'Again' of the 'Try Again' option is misleading - clicking on 'Try Again' causes it to try for the first time, and when it does it finds that the content is local so it doesn't need an Internet connection to view it, and it shows the page.


When the box comes up asking if you want to 'Work Off-line' or 'Try Again', click on Try Again (which actually means, 'Just do it'), and it will work thereafter.

Last updated 24 April, 2015