What are website cookies?

Cookies are a bit like the cloakroom ticket you get when you give your coat to a cloakroom attendant to look after. The attendant gives you a ticket with a unique number on it. Then when you come back later on and ask for your coat, you show your ticket to the attendant. In that way, the attendant can match your request with your coat.

When you visit a website, the website may give your browser a cookie. This is a small bit of text, usually with some unique number in it, which the browser remembers. Now any time your browser asks for another web page from that same site, your browser will show that cookie to that website.

In this way the website can do things like matching you with your shopping basket and remembering your preferences. It can also use the cookie to remember things like your licensing status for use of that product, and whether or not you are signed-in.

Your browser is smart enough to know that it must show each cookie only to the website that sent it that cookie.

Turning cookies on and off

By default, all browsers support cookies. But you can turn off cookie support in your browser if you want. Note though that many websites, including Careersoft's sites for licensed products like JED and Higher Ideas, will not work if you have cookies turned off.

To find out how to change your browser's cookie settings, look for 'cookies' in the Help for your browser.


Last updated 24 April, 2015