Checking that you have the latest version of ani-MODS

The current version of ani-MODS is 3.4.1. The version number is displayed on the installation CD. Some earlier versions of ani-MODS did not have a version number on the CD.

Some versions of ani-MODS display the version number on the main menu screen of the program. It is shown at the bottom of the page, near the copyright notice. If it is the latest version, it will say 'Version 3.4.1'. Some earlier versions of ani-MODS did not have an on-screen version number.

If you have an earlier version of ani-MODS, we strongly recommend that you upgrade to the latest version, 3.4.1. The latest version includes updates to the ani-MODS content. The latest version also includes an improved client components installer, improved diagnostics pages, technical changes for compatibility with the latest versions of Adobe's Shockwave player and Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.

Updating to the latest version of ani-MODS

Uninstall your existing ani-MODS using Windows 'Add/Remove Programs'.

Re-install ani-MODS from the latest CD. See the installation guide.

Last updated 24 April, 2015