ani-MODS - Installing individual modules

There are 14 current modules in ani-MODs, covering a variety of topics.  If you subscribe to ani-MODs, you are licensed to use all the modules. 

There are also 2 legacy modules, these modules (on Connexions, and e2e) haven't had the content updated for the 2012 release as they cover services which are no longer provided in all areas. However, if you are in an area which still has either of these services, then you can choose to install them.

When you install ani-MODs, you can choose to install all 14 current modules, all 16 current and legacy modules, or just some of them.  Modules will be available for the user to use if they are installed and licensed.

If installing ani-MODs using the installer, the dialog after the screen for accepting the licence is headed 'Setup Type', with options for 'Typical', 'Complete' and 'Custom'.  'Typical' (default) installs all current the modules. If you choose 'Complete' you will install all modules. If you choose 'Custom' and then click on the 'Next' button, you get to a 'Custom Setup' screen listing all the modules.  By default they are all selected for installing, but by clicking the down-arrow on any listed item, you can select the option for 'this feature will not be available', and then that item will not be installed.

If installing ani-MODs using the x-copy method, copy all the source files as per the usual x-copy method, but *omit* the module folders for the modules you do not want.  The module folders are named like 'Module001' for module 1, etc.  Or alternatively, copy all the content as per the normal x-copy instructions and then from the installed-to directory delete the module folders for the modules that you do not want.  e.g. if you do not want module 5, delete the folder called 'Module005'.


Last updated 24 April, 2015

15 April, 2015