How to update client computers with the components they need for viewing ani-MODS

Computers used for viewing ani-MODS need to meet these requirements:

  • Have Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or later
  • Have JavaScript enabled
  • Have Windows Media Player 6.4 or later

Each client also needs to be updated with the following components:

  • Flash. Flash Player 5 or later required. Your computer is likely to have this already.
  • Shockwave. Shockwave Player 8.5 or later required. Your computer may have this already.
  • MPEG4 video codec. This codec is not installed as standard with any version of Windows Media Player - even the latest versions.

If you installed ani-MODS as a 'stand-alone' installation, i.e. installed from the CD to just that one computer, then all the required components will have been installed to the computer along with the ani-MODS program content, and no further action is required.

If you installed ani-MODS for network use, usually by installing the content to a share, then you will need to update all of your clients separately for the components necessary to view the content.

The easiest way to update your clients for all these items is with the file ani-MODSClientUpdate.msi provided in the 'Client install' folder of your ani-MODS installation CD (v1.107 and later - see how to check for the latest version of ani-MODS).

ani-MODSClientUpdate.msi is also available for download from this site (right-click the ani-MODSClientUpdate.msi link and choose to Save the file).

Run this msi file on each client wanting to use ani-MODS. This checks for the status of all required components and updates any that need updating.

It is possible to use separate programs to update individual components instead, if you want. These are provided in the 'Apps' folder of the CD. This is for special cases only - usually it will be much more straightforward to use the ani-MODSClientUpdat.msi instead.

Checking that your clients are updated for viewing the ani-MODS content.

You can use the ani-MODS diagnostics page to check that your computer is up to date with all it needs for viewing ani-MODS content. Here's how.

Last updated 24 April, 2015