Use Higher Ideas at Home - Student Worksheet


To ensure, where available, that students have the right details for accessing Higher Ideas from home.


Involving parents and carers in the decision-making processes around Higher Education, can bolster the confidence of the student and ensure that families are up-to-date in their knowledge of what is currently available in HE.

Learning outcomes

Students will be able to access Higher Ideas from home.


This resource is suitable for students Y9 to Y13 who may be capable of HE study.


Access to Higher Ideas, and the establishment's Access Code:


Ask the class to identify resources they can use at home to help with their HE decision-making.


The student resource explains how to use Higher Ideas using an Access Code.

Note that this worksheet shows students how to access Higher Ideas using the new Access codes, please visit our support site if you want to use Higher Ideas using one-code-per-student top-up codes.


It may be worth setting a time scale on when research at home ought to be completed by.

Extension Activity


Last updated 24 April, 2015