Use Jed at Home - Student Worksheet


To ensure that students know how to use Jed from home.


  • Involving parents and carers in the decision-making processes around Jed
  • Extending students' access to Jed, so that they are not limited to using it just in school time

Learning outcomes

Students will be able to access Jed from home.


This resource is suitable for students Y7 to Y13.


Access to Jed, the establishment's Access Code, and the following resource:


Ask the class to identify resources they can use at home to help with their career decision-making.


The student resource explains how to use Jed using an Access Code.


It may be worth setting a time scale for when research at home ought to be completed by.

Extension Activity



This worksheet shows students how to access Jed using the new Access Codes method introduced in 2014. With Access Codes, there is one code per school. You can if you want still use the old top-up codes way where you have one code per student. More...

Last updated 24 April, 2015